Who's collecting our data?
how? and why?

We're being followed around the internet, and tracked through our mobile phones. What personal data is companies and institutions collecting, and what for?


companies and your data

(How and what they collect).

Lost in Small Print

What did you actually "agree" to?

When you agree to a platform's terms of service, you also agree to their privacy policy, which describes how they will use your data. But who has the time to read all those pages of legalese? "Lost in Small Print picks out the important bits for you. (Policies last reviewed May 2018)  

Investigate yourself

what's out there?

Most of us have probably searched our own name at some point. But search engines don't pick up everything. Investigating yourself on the internet can be a very useful way to see what's already out there about you, and make decisions for the future.  

Trace My Shadow

a quick peek into your digital traces

Trace my shadow is a tool that allows you to get a glimpse into the digital traces you're leaving - how many, what kinds, and from what devices. Trace My Shadow was the tool that launched the Me and My Shadow website back in 2012, and since then it's been updated a few times and translated into a number of languages.