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KeePass is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps you store and manage all your passwords in a highly secure database. You can put both that database and the KeePass program on a USB memory stick and carry it with you. The database is protected by a 'master password' that you create. This password is also used to encrypt all the contents of the database. You can store your existing passwords in KeePass or have it generate new ones for you.


Tool type: Password manager
Ease of use: Requires some practice and patience to install and configure. Easy in use, but requires regular backup of database file and application update for effective and worry-free use.
Open source: Yes, GNU General Public License, version 2
Encryption support: Yes, KeePass database files are encrypted using AES and Twofish (not available on version 2.x)
Benefits: Generates strong passwords and saves all your passwords in an encrypted database file.
Independent code audit: "None that we know of"
Cost: Free of charge
Languages: Many
Compatibility: KeepassX available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. KeePassDroid is available for Android, and MiniKeepPass for iOS.
Developed by: Dominik Reichl
Version as of this writing: 1.31 and 2.31
Website: KeePass, KeePassX, KeePassDroid and MiniKeepPass

Last updated: 07 March 2016

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